Frankie by Rizzieri is re-imaging the salon franchise business. Frankie is backed by more than a century of successful salon business ownership and beauty industry expertise from Frank Rizzieri. Frank is an entrepreneur, hairdresser, salon owner and educator. He is taking his passion for the beauty industry and combining it with his expertise as a […]


Our concept for a sanitation device, designed specifically for Currant Care, that promotes proper hand sanitization. The wearable wristband is equipped with advanced sensors that track hand washing and provide feedback on its effectiveness. The design includes a docking station that communicates with the wristband, charges it, and utilizes UV-C technology to disinfect it. This […]


The Fredicus team embarked on a mission to design Tiptap’s accessible touchless payment technology, creating a design language for future products. Prioritizing accessibility, user experience, and sustainability while exploring form, color, material, and finish. Advanced Design Industrial Design UX ALL WORK


At the LDI show, Cast Soft made an impressive exhibit debut, presenting their innovative products, BlacTrax and CONVRG. BlacTrax, an advanced tracking solution, fascinated attendees with its real-time tracking capabilities for live events and theatrical performances. The CONVRG platform demonstrated its ability to manage various aspects of a production, such as lighting, audio, and video, […]


The BlackTrax system is an innovative vision-based technology designed to integrate with various third-party applications, including robotic lights and media servers. It utilizes tiny infrared LEDs and pulse position technology for precise optical tracking and coordination between devices. The BlackTrax Calibration Kit has been meticulously developed and designed with the purpose of providing a quick […]


The Fidure smart humidistat is a high-tech device that intelligently manages humidity levels in residential and commercial buildings, resulting in increased energy efficiency and reduced costs. Its advanced technology accurately detects and responds to changes in humidity, and its user-friendly interface allows for easy monitoring and control from anywhere. Conceptual Product Design Design Direction ALL […]


Introducing Shonin ONE – the second generation of StreamCam, a cloud-connected wearable security camera with cellular connectivity, lightweight design, longer battery life, and 1080p resolution. Footage is saved and encrypted directly in the cloud, making it easily accessible and secure. Shonin ONE is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, easy-to-use camera for personal […]

VIVE ROBOTICS TENNIS ROBOT BALL RETRIEVER Introducing the world’s lightest, smallest & fastest AI-powered ball retriever. Project is in development Product Design Industrial Design Mechanical Design Concept Design ALL WORK


Shonin’s Streamcam is the world’s first cloud-connected wearable security camera. Cellular, life-proof, small, and easy to use, Streamcam lets you capture your side of the story in 720p saved directly in the cloud. Creative Design Brand Identity Web Development Conceptual Product Development Photography Content Creation ALL WORK


The Orthomechanik Premium line offers powerful, individualized, and intuitive devices, including the OrthoGun, which quickly and deeply relaxes muscles for professional and hobby athletes. Its ergonomic design, adjustable speed settings, and rechargeable battery make it a convenient tool for muscle soreness relief and increased blood flow. Industrial Design Design for Manufacture CMF ALL WORK