Change Orders
Work change orders will be issued for additional scope of work and changes requested after approval of plans or commencement of work. WCOs include a description of the change/addition requested, estimated additional costs and changes to work schedules/project completion. Client’s signature is required on WCOs to proceed with changes/additions.

All purchases made on client’s behalf will be billed to client. Charges for sales tax, insurance, storage, shipping & handling are additional to the price of each purchase. In the event client purchases materials, services, or any items other than those specified by Fredicus, the designer is not liable for the cost, quality, workmanship, or condition of such items.

A 50% deposit is required on all orders made on behalf of the client, prior to the placement of such orders. The balance is due upon delivery. Client is liable for all costs and expenses for any items canceled by the client, but that have already been ordered by designer, unless such items can be cancelled at no charge.

Custom Orders
Client is fully responsible for paying all costs for special orders canceled by client once manufacturing has started. The cost of special orders that are canceled by client following approval to purchase, is fully dependent upon the terms and conditions put forth by the manufacturer, supplier, or vendor of the item(s).

Fredicus makes no additional warranty, guarantee, or any other assurances, other than those provided by manufacturers, suppliers, or vendors of products and/or services.

Other Contracts
Fredicus is not responsible for any contracts that the client enters into directly with contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, or vendors for goods and/or services, whether or not such sources are recommended by Fredicus.

Purchase Orders
Fredicus is responsible for those purchase orders issued directly by designer. Client is fully responsible for all purchase orders issued by client. Responsibility includes, but is not limited to, errors, omissions, pricing and scheduling.

Schedule of Payment
Fredicus employs progressive billing on all projects. We will invoice 50% as a retainer at the beginning of the project. Subsequent billing based on percentage of work completed. All invoices are payable upon receipt. Unless otherwise agreed.

Intellectual Rights and Ownership
Upon full payment of all project fees and costs due, the following rights to the use of the designs, including drawings, specifications, models, and prototypes, transfer to client. Fredicus maintains the right to use the chosen and final work in Fredicus’s own promotional material, its website and the inclusion in awards competitions and their subsequent publications. Fredicus retains the permission to announce our partnership with Client on our website, in press releases and on social media. All work in progress will be kept confidential until it is released to the public, unless we have written consent of Client.

Fredicus retains the ownership of all working materials, and digital artwork prepared in relation to this project, as well as all creative concepts which are not selected by Client. All rights of the contained photos and/or illustrations (if commissioned) will be negotiated separately with the assigned photographer and/or illustrator. This provision shall survive the termination or expiration of this agreement.

Fredicus makes no additional warranty, guarantee, or any other assurances, other than those provided by suppliers, vendors, or manufacturers of products and/or services.

Client and Fredicus may terminate project based upon mutually agreeable terms to be determined in writing either prior to signing of this proposal.

Term of Proposal
The information contained in proposals are valid for 30 days. Proposals approved and signed by the client are binding upon Fredicus and client beginning on the date of agreement.