This one is close to the heart and has been in the works for over a year! We’re excited announce soon. Brand Identity Creative Direction E-comm Website Design ALL WORK


Our team was tasked with developing an intelligent and unobtrusive control system to seamlessly integrate with Eberspächer Heating and Cooling (H/C) Systems. Regardless of the season, journey duration, or vehicle type, maintaining an optimal cabin climate is crucial for ensuring driver comfort, rest, and attentiveness. Eberspächer’s vehicle heating solutions, such as the Airtronic and Hydronic […]


Creating a packaging system for BlackTrax where we explored the way products are packaged, stored, and transported. Creating a cohesive, multi-use, reusable, and interchangeable packaging system. This project is driven by the need to reduce waste and carbon footprint. Conceptual Packaging Design ALL WORK


Brothworks is an innovative Toronto-based broth concept that has gained significant backing from renowned entrepreneur Mark Cuban. The company seeks to fill the gap in the market for high-quality, delicious, and nutritious broth that can be easily consumed on-the-go. Brothworks prides itself on offering an impressive portfolio of 460 unique flavors, ranging from classic chicken […]


The BlackTrax HD PSU has been designed to withstand rigorous use and endure the toughest conditions. Engineered to survive falls from heights of up to 10 feet, this high-durability power supply unit ensures reliable performance in the most demanding environments. The HD PSU is specifically tailored to deliver regulated power to BlackTrax’s comprehensive range of […]


The BlackTrax ISO Camera is a unique solution designed for seamless integration with the BlackTrax tracking system on cruise ships. In environments where harsh weather conditions and high frequencies can significantly impact the capturing performance and durability of traditional tracking systems, the BlackTrax ISO Camera excels. The ISO Camera is equipped with advanced features that […]


The CONVRG Helios, a state-of-the-art Power over Ethernet (PoE) device, is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with global broadcasting systems through its advanced gen-lock capabilities. As a highly adaptable tracking solution, it synchronizes effortlessly with BlackTrax environments, employing the renowned line-of-sight technology for which BlackTrax is known for. In its operation, the Helios device automatically […]


The BlackTrax system is a vision-based technology designed to integrate with various third-party applications, including robotic lights and media servers. It utilizes tiny infrared LEDs and pulse position technology for precise optical tracking and coordination between devices. The BlackTrax Mini beacons have been in development, including beta testing, for over three years. These compact, modular, […]


tiptap devices revolutionize payment and donation collection with their versatile and durable modular display units. Powered by a web configurator, these units fit any space and withstand all elements. With on-demand payment amounts and multiple digital payment options, supporting favorite non-profits has never been easier. Advanced Design Industrial Design UX ALL WORK


A game-changer for bars, restaurants, and food establishments of any size. The BROOD BAR streamlines cocktail-making and allows you to launch carefully crafted drinks with ease. Brood’s cocktail Premixes are the result of the meticulous craftsmanship of their expert mixologist. Each Premix is carefully crafted to deliver a delicious, high-quality drink. With a focus on […]