The CONVRG Helios, a state-of-the-art Power over Ethernet (PoE) device, is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with global broadcasting systems through its advanced gen-lock capabilities. As a highly adaptable tracking solution, it synchronizes effortlessly with BlackTrax environments, employing the renowned line-of-sight technology for which BlackTrax is known for.

In its operation, the Helios device automatically establishes a five-point rigid body configuration, featuring five LEDs positioned at each corner and one at the center which facilitates optimal tracking and stability.

To further enhance its versatility, the Helios system can be utilized in conjunction with a wide range of high-quality lenses from leading manufacturers such as Fujinon, Canon, and others. By establishing a direct connection with these lenses, the Helios device is able to gather and synchronize lens data alongside tracking data. This powerful combination results in gen-locked streams that adhere to international broadcasting standards, ensuring consistent and reliable performance across the globe.


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