Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a valuable tool for businesses and creatives. By integrating AI into our workflow, we’ve improved our design process and results. In this blog post, we’ll share how we use AI to boost our creativity.

  1. Starting with Sketches: We begin our projects with hand-drawn sketches. They help us visualize concepts and experiment with styles. Then, we use AI tools to generate design variations, discovering new possibilities and expanding our creativity.
  2. Using Textual Prompts for Context: To keep AI-generated designs on track, we use textual prompts to guide the AI. Providing specific instructions helps us maintain control over the design while benefiting from AI’s capabilities, achieving a balance between human creativity and AI innovation.
  3. Refining Designs with AI: We review AI-generated designs, choose the best options, and refine them using human input and AI assistance. This cycle of sketching, AI variations, and AI-driven refinements results in polished designs that meet clients’ needs.

Integrating AI into our creative workflow has increased efficiency and innovation. Combining sketches, textual prompts, and AI iterations has transformed our design approach, allowing us to deliver results quickly. We’re excited to explore new ways to use AI and push our creativity further.