What’s better than a Pastrami on Rye sandwich? A Brothworks Inc. Pastrami on Rye in broth form. Trust us it’s wild. They’re currently netting just over 400 flavours of broth and they’re looking to have a new set ready to try every day.

Before we got to this point we were heavily involved in the design and R&D. We spent or should we say overly spent countless hours, iterations and swapping of components for the broth dispensing system. We admit there’s a level of complexity in this system that most would run away from. We’re not simply pouring broth just out of an ordinary ladle, no-no we’re pouring broth through a tap that pulls broth from a circuit that has temperature controlled heat, that emulsifies, that auto detects and re-circulates to keep that broth churning and fresh, and that is infused with non other than…nitro. You have to taste it for yourself, it’s something real special. 

But that’s not all, we worked on the actual free standing micro retail design that can be rolled out into any compact size retail footprint, the build encompasses a cart system that easily coordinates with the six daily flavours that then connects into the three Brothworks units (custom built especially for Brothworks powered by BROOD). Logistically the system is designed to quickly re-stock and transport broth. Last but not least we designed the user interface for the cashless client facing ordering experience, a first of its kind in retailing broth.

There were a lot of hands touching this project, shout outs to Vitruvian Engineering for all electronic engineering, firmware, back and front end POS development. Eventscape for engineering and fabricating the micro retail fixtures. Most of all the Brothworks Inc. crew – what a mighty fearless team – there’s no gain in doing something that’s been done before.

The first Proof of Concept location is here for a limited time – check them out at TD Centre (66 Wellington Street West) – skip the Starbies and pick up some good wholesome broth! – we promise you won’t regret it.